This starry void


 This Starry Void is a science-fiction RPG in the vein of old-school dungeon crawlers. As a crew-member of the Stellar Emergency Vehicle This Starry Void, you will take control of the Remote Excursion Device RED-1 and investigate an abandoned spacecraft - sparking a mystery that will lead from the depths of space to the moons of Saturn and deep into the void that binds the universe. 

Features include:

  • Strategic combat system
  • No XP levels - customise RED-1 through equipment and component upgrades
  • Range of skills including combat, utility, movement
  • "Graphic Novel" art style
  • A unique soundtrack that veers from new-classical to dark ambient
  • A narrative that spans light years

THIS STARRY VOID is scheduled for release in 2020 for Windows/Mac/Linux

Other platforms TBD